3 Hundred Luxury Hotel, Beijing

3Hundred luxury Hotel in Beijing has been conceived and design ed with the will to link two countri- es, two ancient traditions, two his-tories: the Chinese and the Italian culture. To achieve this objective, the project team has
identified some points in common to both cultures. A way to condensate past, present and future in a single architecture.
The leading points of the phylosopy of the project are:
HORIZONTALITY versus verticality
RELATION with the park, water, spa, golf course
INTELLIGENT SHELL, building as an active filter and diaphragm between the internai and the external
EMOTION, harmony,suggestion, livability, proportions, high quality performances
ITALIAN DESIGN in materials, lights, colors
TRADITION / INNOVATION betweeen Italy and China

Tipologia di opera: concept design
Architect: Leonardo s.r.l. - architetto Salvatore Re
Team di progettazione: Michele Tessari
Ingegneria strutturale: Leonardo Strutture s.r.l.
Tipologia di opera: concept design
Team di progettazione: Michele Tessari

4 aprile 2017

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